Our organization consists of project officers, financial officers, and program management. They are located in three offices in southern Scandinavia. The organization also includes decision-making committees amongst other.

Project Guidance

For questions related to project ideas, application and implementation of project, please contact our project officers, who are based in our offices in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Finances within the Projects

Our financial advisors will help you with finance related questions related of the project. The financial advisors are based in our offices in Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

Programme Management and the Managing Authority

The Programme Director and other staff members working in the Managing Authority of Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak are based in the office of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth in Malmö. The Managing Authority ensures that the programme is implemented efficiently and in accordance with the rules. Responsibilities of the Managing Authority include administration, finance, law, communication, and evaluation.

Norwegian Management of the Programme

As Norway is not a member of the EU, there is a separate administrative management organisation in Sarpsborg, Norway, which, among other things, funds Norwegian project partners.

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Rulings on the Projects and the Programme

Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak has a Monitoring Committee and two steering committees. The Monitoring Committee is responsible for monitoring the management of the programme, deciding on selection criteria and on major changes in the programme. The Monitoring Committee also makes the final decision on project applications. The task of the steering committees is to decide on project applications within their sub-areas in Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak.

Gruppebillede af medlemmer af overvågningsudvalget.

Members of the Monitoring Committee

Audits of projects

There are national auditors in Sweden and Denmark who audit the accounts of projects before money is paid to them. In Norway, control is carried out by the Norwegian Association of Municipalities.

Auditing Authority

The Authority checks that the management and control system of Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak comply with the applicable requirements. The Audit Office carries out system audits, but also checks on a selection of the projects.

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